Dave Chihuly

Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle

Chihuly is not a dog. Neither it is a sauce nor something else that you might think of. Chihuly is a sculptor, an artist and the author of the Glass Gardens.

I love when discoveries are happening when you least expect it. I was not planning to visit the museum, I was checking out the museum shop for some souvenirs. One would be slightly surprised to see three security guys guarding bunch of vases with a price tag of 7,000 USD per piece in a museum gift shop. WHAT’S GOING ON?! My curiosity took over. OK, I thought, I will check what this Chihuly is all about. You enter the exhibition without any expectations and you become speechless and breathless from the beauty you see.

Coincidently, I have visited Dave Chihuly’s exhibition twice in 24 hours: first in Seattle at night and then in Denver during the day. Both were spectacular!

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