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East Sweden

Old city of Linkoping

ABBA, SAAB, IKEA and the family Iakovidis (my not-so-swedish friends) — this is all what I knew about Sweden 🙂 I was truly amazed to discover this region from a business perspective. Thanks for the East Swedish Convention bureau and GIDN to show this hidden gem of Nordic countries. It […]

Cyanotype printing


At certain point of time every photographer finds him/herself wondering where should he/she be heading next. All the equipment tested, techniques are polished, all the genres have been photographed and it seems that you’ve tried it all. This is when most of us look back into history to find this […]

Dave Chihuly

Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle

Chihuly is not a dog. Neither it is a sauce nor something else that you might think of. Chihuly is a sculptor, an artist and the author of the Glass Gardens. I love when discoveries are happening when you least expect it. I was not planning to visit the museum, […]


ArtScience Museum

If such city didn’t exist, one must have created one like this! A cross road of cultures, religions and civilizations, Singapore is one of the smallest states and one of the most powerful financial and economic centers. My acquaintance with Singapore started with Helmut Newton biography book, where he fled […]



Tibet is a dream for many to visit. Despite my trip there in 2010 it still remains a dream and a mystery for me. It is also so far one of my biggest adventure. The idea to take this trip came to me spontaneously when I have learned that I […]